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Child Support Attorney in Medford

Courts take child support very seriously and will take steps to ensure that each parent equitably and appropriately supports their children after a divorce. In Oregon, the courts generally utilize the Oregon Child Support Guidelines to determine child support. This requires an accurate determination of each party’s income and, potentially, their earning capacity. There are exceptions, called rebuttals, to the Child Support Guidelines and an experienced family law attorney can help ensure that your child support award is appropriate given the totality of your economic circumstances.

Whether you are seeking a support order against the other parent, protecting yourself against an unreasonable support order, or seeking enforcement of an existing support order, Mr. Davis can help you ensure the situation is represented accurately to the court and help you protect the rights and interests of your children and you.

Relocating or Moving Out of Area with Child

Sometimes a parent wants to relocate more than sixty miles away with the parties’ child. In Oregon there is no guaranty that the custodial parent will be entitled to relocate with the child and the courts review relocation cases very carefully. Relocation cases often become custody disputes, as the party who is not moving away may seek to become the custodial parent and have the child remain with him or her.

When addressing relocation cases the main consideration for the court will always be the best interests of the child. Whether you are the parent who wants to relocate or the parent who remains, an experienced family law attorney can help advocate for your child’s best interest and help ensure that the court considers all the relevant factors when reviewing a request to relocate